Website Design for Small Business Galway Ireland

Website design process.

Discovery and Strategy.

Every creative journey begins with understanding your vision. We ask plenty of questions to find what drives you and your business, to learn who your customers are and what influences them. Your organisation’s needs are very individual, so we work in-depth with you to visualise your concept and establish a creative direction.

We do a lot of research and brainstorming to lay out a firm plan of how to turn your idea from a concept to a fully deployed and functioning site.

With this information to hand and a solid understanding of your business, we create a sitemap to visually illustrate how the pages will be linked to each other. Once that is done, we can test the concept using wireframes to establish the website information architecture.


With the plan set in stone, we can dive into the most thrilling part of the process. At this point, we create the ‘look and feel of your website. Without a doubt, it’s important how your website will look.

But websites are more than just pretty pixels. Design involves reflecting on how people will interact with the site. We’re at the stage where a designer can start making decisions on whether to use a form in a pop-up or a new page, which colour links are etc.


Now, when the website has been designed and the mockups look terrific, we begin to code. We integrate and build features required by your project. That may be a blog, search functionality, eCommerce, third-party integrations, etc.

We ensure every visitor to your site has an excellent experience, regardless of whether they are browsing on a smartphone or a laptop.


Before your website goes live, we test it extensively for any small bugs and the occasional typo we might miss during the development phase.

Every aspect is checked, from customer-facing content to the code that keeps everything running under the hood. Once it is tested, we can move the fully functional site from staging to a production server and make it live to the public. When a website is live, we also provide you with training.

Website Care and Support

The process doesn’t end when your site is up and running. As important as the design of your site is its maintenance. Technologies change and update, you will have to address new and evolving security issues and even an increase in site traffic can put a strain on certain aspects of your site.

We offer excellent website maintenance plans to deal with issues before they arise and take action if anything does go wrong. This means an absolute minimum of downtime for your site and stress for you ensuring you are always operational and open for business.

Patrick designed and made our website from scratch. He is very easygoing, friendly and helpful and also keeps up with all the latest IT developments including SEO and website design! I highly recommend Patrick to anyone looking to develop an online presence or indeed upgrade their existing website!