Flower Maid

About the project

Flower Maid is a UK based Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service Company. They wanted to reach a new client base by putting their company online. The website had to be able to capture leads to help them grow their business.

I was up for the challenge.

I built the website using WordPress which offered them easy management of their website so that they could make quick tweaks to content such as pricing at any time.

I kept the design modern and engaging whilst also being mobile friendly to allow even more views. In just a couple months of positioning and search engine optimisation work the website views increased rapidly.

Thanks to a user-friendly website where customers can request a cleaning quote Flower Maid’s business has now skyrocketed. They had to expand in order to cope with over a hundred weekly service requests on the desktop website and even more by mobile!

They even cut all advertising costs as the constantly growing organic traffic keeps them more than busy.

So who looks after their website now?

I do.

Like all my other clients I keep their business running smoothly and safely online with regular software updates, daily backups and secure 24/7 monitoring. I understand the importance of keeping a website online every day to not lose any potential clients whilst retaining a good reputation.

What we wanted most in a website design service company was for them to get to know our business at its deepest level, help us to understand the essential nature of our message and to communicate that creatively; drawing in customers who want to do business. This is precisely what Patrick did for us. He also deals with all the technical stuff, updates, backups and security issues of our website so we can focus on our business. We would not have succeeded without his skills and insight.  I highly recommend his services.

Evelina Kuznecova – Flower Maid