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Partner with me, move your business online and generate more leads with the website that do not suck.

Grow your fitness business online

Don’t be left behind! I will work with you to create an online presence that stands out from the rest and gets more leads with stunning website design.

  • Modern, attractive & clean website that is easy to update
  • Design that is created in line with your brand identity
  • Created to attract & convert visitors into clients
  • Fully integrated with email and social platforms
  • Optimised for search engines

Here are only some of the people I provide value to on a regular basis.

I can focus on doing the job I am good at personal training and nutrition coaching
Tommy Delaney (Owner at Tommy Delaney Fitness)
Here is my go-to person for anybody that is working in the health and fitness space…
Brian Keane (Owner at BKF)
My only kinda regret is I did not find Patrick earlier.
Gary House (Owner at The Run Strong Club)

With a website, you can do much more.

Take payments on your website

  • create simple forms to sell your programs
  • integrate with Paypal, Stripe and other payment methods
  • Sell digital products or merchandise

Add the podcast

  • Feature your guests and link to their pages.
  • Include episode show notes and transcript.
  • Link to mentioned resources and make earn money with affiliates.

Create more trust

  • add testimonial carousels
  • before and afters
  • add video testimonials

Let’s get started

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