Over a year ago now, I made the decision to join Online Marketing in Galway as a volunteer to network with other like minded people in Galway. Now I am an official partner, important team member and the resident website designer. OMiG is a non profit organisation which focuses on educating people on all areas of online marketing. It is a network group open to all businesses and professionals in the West of Ireland. Through sharing best practices and knowledge, it has grown into one of the largest networking groups in Galway.

Recently, OMiG organised and hosted its inaugural online marketing awards in association with The Connacht Tribune and the Galway City and County Enterprise Board where there was a total prize fund of over €26,000. I was a sponsor of one of the prizes at the awards along with my fellow OMiG Volunteers; Gary, Maricka, Robin, Julia, Eve, Emma, and Alan. We all pooled our individual specialities together to develop a prize fund for one particular award – The Start-Up

There were five finalists for this award with Mindful Movements eventually winning the overall prize. My prize to Mindful Movements was a fully responsive website valued at €2,000 which would be pivotal in building the awareness of this new Galway business.

You can find more images from The OMiG Awards 2014 on our facebook gallery page – here

Mindful Movements has been established in Liosbaun Industrial Estate by Sara O’Reilly to provide pilates classes using the advanced Reformer Bed Pilates method. The business is dedicated to helping individuals prevent injury; for rehabilitation; strengthening of core muscles; correction of posture imbalance and to also restore the connection between mind and body.

Classes are provided by Sara herself and she is one of Ireland’s leading practitioners in Pilates theory and application. Sara combines her pilates expertise with that of her background in choreography and dance to deliver a unique and rewarding class. Believe me when I say it as I have attended a Mindful Movements class and I can’t wait to go back. You can find out more about Mindful Movements by visiting her Facebook page.

I am really excited to work with Mindful Movements and develop a website for Sara which I hope will help grow her business and show the business in a way it deserves. My website combined with the other prizes from my fellow volunteers will allow Sara to grow the online marketing side of her business at no cost and through people skilled in these areas. Volunteers such as Gary (ION Connect), Julia (Julia Dunin Photography), Maricka (IMS Marketing), Robin (In-Tuition) and the Eve, Emma and Alan of Online Marketing in Galway have come together to help Mindful Movements drive forward over the next year.

I am really excited to begin work on this project and create something special for Sara and her customers. If you’d like to know more about me or my clients, follow me on Twitter, like my page on Facebook or even sign up for my newsletter.