Choosing a domain for your business falls into the extremely important category and it requires a large level of planning and attention. Your business name is your identity in day-to-day operations but on the Internet, your domain name is what people will use to identify you. That being said, when it comes to choosing your identity online, you will want to choose a name that not only resonates with your business but also is easy to recall, discover and promote.

So with that being said, here are Cityweb’s seven key steps for you to choose the right domain for your website:

  1. Keep it short

The longer and more complicated your domain is, the more likely you have the visitors will mistype or misspell it. Having a short domain is the best way to go.

  1. Easy

Finding a domain that can be easily typed is critical to its success. Often businesses that use slang (‘4u’ instead of ‘for you’) or words with several spelling versions (‘there’ versus ‘their’) will find that their customers find it harder to locate their site.

  1. Memorable

In the world today, there are millions of domain names registered so to stand out among your competitors, a catchy and memorable name is a must. Once you have come up with a name, share it with trusted colleagues, family and friends to make sure it sounds appealing and that it makes sense.

  1. Extension

Extensions to your domain name or what most people would recognize as the .com or .ie at the end of web addresses. These can play a pivotal role in your website and each has specific uses that may be more relevant to your business than others. A few of the most common ones we would see in Ireland are identified and explained below:

  • .com – By far the most popular extension. Anybody can register a .com but it was originally intended for use by for-profit companies. Sports clubs, non-profits, individuals, schools and traditional for-profit businesses currently use it. The .com stands for ‘Commercial’.
  • .org – This is also open for anyone to register with but is primarily used by non-profit organisations. org is an example of a .org website.
  • .edu – This domain extension is limited to use by specific educational institutions such as primary schools, secondary schools, third level institutions although it is mainly used in the U.S. One example of this type of website extension is .edu
  • .ie – This is the Ireland extension and can only be registered by people with a real and substantial connection with Ireland (both the Republic and Northern Ireland). Many of my clients use .ie
  1. Avoid

When it comes to domain names, avoid digits and hyphens as they can often be misunderstood. People who hear your website address do not know if you are talking about the number 4 in terms of it being the digit 4 or the word four. Remove this misunderstanding and your website becomes instantly more memorable.

  1. Protect

To protect your business, you should purchase a number of domains that help protect your brand. This prevents competitors and spammers from registering other versions of your domain and ensures that your target customers are brought directly to the website they want, yours.

  1. Act

Domain names move quickly and are snapped up frequently and quickly. Because they can be purchased cost-effectively, it is worth registering your preferred domains as soon as you possibly can. If you are having trouble finding an available name, registers for domains such as Blacknight can aid you massively in finding the right domain for your business.